Silver Chrysler Saloon wedding car


Silver Chrysler Saloon Wedding Car

The Silver Chrysler Saloon Wedding Car is one of our modern wedding cars. It has the lovely Baby Bentley front that is super popular with brides. Also, it’s shape and style along with the full leather interior make it a real eye catcher at weddings.

This wedding car is a great choice when it comes to weddings that have a large distance to cover. It’s powerful 300 CC engine allow it to flow through traffic it more ease than most modern cars. It has a super smooth suspension that carries it’s passengers in comfort however long the trip. With lots of booth space for the bride’s overnight cases, this car offers the complete package.

The Chrysler saloon is licensed to carry 4 people but when carrying a bride we would only recommend that there be 3 in the car. This allows the extra space for the bride’s dress rather than risk it being stepped on or crumbled by another passenger.

It is also an ideal choice for getting your bridesmaids or groomsmen to the church and the photos on time. There is much less chance of losing one when they are being chauffeured around.

If you were thinking of a 2 car package then the cars that would most frequently be paired with this one would be.

The silver Chrysler limousine.

The white Chrysler Limousine.

The 1950’s Bentley S1 wedding car.