Lincoln Limousine Wedding Car

Please take the time to view our Lincoln wedding car. This 31-foot Limousine wedding carmonster seats 8 people in comfort with a bar and music to treat them like they want to be treated. When your bridal party needs transport or you just don’t plain trust them not to vanish down to the pub! They would be gone before the photos are taken! This limousine is the answer to all your prayers.







Limousine Wedding CarAfter the ceremony, your wedding party can be chauffeured to your photo location in comfort and style. This keeps them happy and content while at the same time being quietly lubricated. This helps relieve the stress they have been suffering while you, the bride and groom have been relaxing getting married.

It also works well for the bride and groom who want to share a drink with the bridal party before the reception. You won’t get a minute to yourselves outside of the limousine. If it’s not the wedding photographer, its a family member looking for a quick chat or the hotel needing to ask a question. This limousine will give you the break you need and a chance to catch your

P.S. It looks great in wedding photos too!