August September October Bride ?

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It is worth noting that if you are a bride getting married from the second week in August to the second week in October, weddings are in competition with Debs. Because there are so few limos left in the country compared to before the demise of wedding cars bluesthe Celtic Tiger,  now that things have picked up the young folk hire wedding cars because there are no limos. This means that even though you are in the busiest wedding period of the year ( and that B##*h just hired the car you wanted), the car you wanted may be taken by some teenagers for their Debs. We took in our first Debs booking for August this year LAST August. It is something that happens every year. I was just reminded of the fact this week when I had an inquiry for September and we only had 1 car left for that day.  Like the bride to the right don’t be left wondering how you are going to get to the church!






When should the Bride to be Book?

The Wedding Magazines often give a time frame for when you are to do things. Brides to be read these and then when to come to book a wedding car and the car they want is gone who do they blame?  Not the magazine!!! 🙂

The magazine’s 3 months guide often lets you book a car you like ( though not always!), but if there is a certain car you know you must have, then the day to book it is the day you book your hotel and service venue!

The number of weddings in Ireland is increasing but it is wise to remember that the number of experienced wedding providers is actually dropping.

Odyssey offer car packages with videographers and photographers and our newest and least experienced supplier is 6 years in the business with hundreds of weddings behind him.

My advice for anyone getting married this year is to book now and book wisely. Oh, and have a great day! 🙂