Roycroft wedding car

The Roycroft wedding car

The Roycroft wedding car is based on the 1920’s Model-T. Its vintage design and gold color help it to stand out in any company. Fortunately, it doesn’t follow Henry Ford’s famous quote.  ” You can have any color you want as long as it’s black!”.

A fairly recent addition, it has rapidly gained popularity and is now one of our most desired wedding cars. This is due to its good looks and vintage style.You can see for yourself that the Roycroft wedding car would glamorize any bride’s wedding day. The gold color means that it works well with any of limousines providing a nice contrast. The limousines come in silver or white for those needing transport for the bridal party. There is also a choice of Chryslers and Jeep Hummers for those wanting something a little bigger.

As you can deduce from the photo that it has the looks to be a plus in any wedding photos. Also, it has a large back with loads of room for the brides with large wedding dresses.

Another plus with this car is that it actually has a modern Ford Mondeo engine under the hood. This means, that while weddings with long trips might be unable to be accepted for many vintage wedding cars, this car can tip along all day, though admittedly only at a top speed of 45 mph.


 Roycroft wedding car