Beauford Wedding Car

What a great wedding car. This Beauford was imported brand new into

Beauford-wedding-carIreland only a few years ago and has hardly been off the road since. It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular with Irish brides when you stop to take a look at it. The fact that it has a modern engine means that you know that it is reliable.









It is better able to keep up with modern traffic. Also, it is more than able to accommodate a longer run between house & ceremony and ceremony & reception venue. This is the main problem when hiring older vintage wedding cars. The Beauford wedding car counters all these problems excellently.

Looks-wise, she is based on a 1930’s Mercedes. With a brilliant black soft- top which can be easily taken down to accommodate your wedding photographs.






The Beauford has a smooth creamy two-tone colour and a marvelously stylish look so that you know this marvelous wedding car will help


make your day that extra bit special. Even the way she carries her spare tires on the side adds a bit of character which makes it stand out even more in wedding photos.


We have placed a short DVD clip of the Beauford in action. Why not play it now and you will be able to see for yourselves how happy the brides who hire it are. On a day when you want everything to be perfect this is the wedding car for you.

A great car for a special day!