The Magic Selfie Mirror

This is a brand new service being offered by Odyssey – the ‘Magic Selfie Mirror’. The ideal bit of fun for your wedding especially if you like a bit of fun with your nostalgia.  The ” Magic Selfie Mirror” allows your guests to pose and take photos of themselves at your wedding. It even allows them to dress up! This is because the magic selfie mirror comes with a box of props.  Each guest who uses the Magic Mirror gets a printed photo of themselves as a souvenir. As well as that, the bride and groom get every photo taken on the night on a memory stick.

You have the Magic Selfie Mirror for a minimum of 3 hours. Because of this between 200 – 400 is the average number of photos taken. Therefore, remember to announce at the speeches that your guests are all expected to use the Magic Mirror! As a result, this will give you a fun memory of everyone who was there.

Magic Selfie Mirror Hire

If this has sparked your interest the cost of hiring is €500 for 3 hours  –  €100   deposit and the remaining €400 on the night. We start after the meal is over giving all your guests several chances to use the ‘ Magic Selfie Mirror’. We leave a person attending the booth the whole time. This means you can be assured that there will be no problems with the Magic Mirror on your big night.

What is the best thing about the Magic Selfie Mirror?

Most of all, it gives people a real chance to let loose and you will be delighted with the results. Seeing your old auntie in a top hat and a mustache, or your mother in a blue wig. Probably photos that will be brought out again and again. These memories are definitely worth paying for.

Please forgive us for using the video belonging to  Mirror Photo Boothlogo but this service is so new that we haven’t been able to get a video of our own yet. Because of this, we have given them full credit for their video and a backlink to their website.