Q & A about Wedding Cars, Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography

Q: I have already booked my car with you and I was wondering could I get the wedding photography at the package rate?

A: Of course you can .You can mix and match any of our services to suit yourself and still avail of the reduced rate.

Q:  Can I hire just the photographer as my uncle is giving me his vintage jag?

A: Yes . All of our services can be hired separately.

Q: I like the idea of the photo DVD’s but what’s the story if I decide I want an album in a few years time?

A: As well as the photo DVD’s we will also supply a MASTER DISC with all your pictures stored which you can print if you like ,when you like and however you like. They are ideal when you are getting your wedding album online because then you get to choose exactly the photos you want to have in your album. Even better you can choose the order and the size. You won’t be depending on having a photographer to make those choices for you.

Q: When I order a car what am I getting for my money?

A : All of our cars come with a fully-uniformed chauffeur and co-ordinated ribbons and a bottle of bubbly. If we are unsure of where your house is located we will also do a pre-run so that there are no mistakes on the day.

The basic package for every car will include: pick the bride up at the house and to bring her to the service/ceremony.

After the service the bride and groom will be brought to a location chosen by themselves and their wedding photographer where they are having their photo’s taken and finally they will be brought to the reception venue.

Q: Why are the cars so expensive when I’ll only want it for about an hour ?

A :  Everybody getting married thinks that since the church is only 15 minutes away and a normal service is 40 minutes that they’ll be finished with the car in 90 minutes start to finish . The norm for our cars is a pickup of 30 minutes to an hour before the service . Once at the service it will be typically 90 minutes to 150 minutes before you leave for your photo venue and add another 60 minutes here for travel and photos before on to the reception . We find that typically a 2pm wedding will arrive at the reception between 5pm  and 7pm with approx an hour of driving before and after that means a wedding car is out on your day for between 6 and 8 hours.

Q: Do your cars only cater for weddings?

A : No – we cater for any and all events. The very first limousine run I ever did was for a young(ish) gentleman who wanted to propose to his girlfriend. She said yes!!

Q: Why should I hire a car off your company.

A: Odyssey is the longest running wedding car company in the southeast and we have a reputation second to none. We know all about how your day is supposed to go and always do all that we can to help it along with a friendly smile and a helping hand.

Q: How do I know if I am dealing with a legal company.

A: All licenced cars will have a silver disc placed on both front and rear windscreens .This is similar to an NCT disc and should be up to date. Some vintage cars won’t have the rear disc as space doesn’t allow. Obviously, cars should also display current tax and insurance also.

Q: I see on your form that you don’t carry children under three years old…

A: We are more than happy to supply child seats and booster seats for our customers – but we won’t know you need them unless you tell us. We are more than happy to carry your younger family members. We simply have their safety in mind.


Q: I am having a civil cermony and my photos at the hotel but most companies are charging me full price.

A: It is very important to let us know that you are having a civil cermony especially if its in the hotel.In this situation we would of course reduce the quote but if the civil cermony is in a registry office and you go for photos elsewhere it will end up taking as long as a church cermony.